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Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is the overall length of the stock and rifle together?
    The 10/22 and bullpup stock come to 26.5 inches in length.

    Are these stocks legal?
    Consult your local laws; we ship to all fifty states.

    What are they made of, and are they sturdy?
    Muzzelite stocks are made of glass reinforced plastic; we are satisfied with the tests we have done; the material isn't metal, but they function well.

    How does the trigger work?
    On Muzzelite stocks, the new trigger is linked to the original trigger by a rigid link, and the original trigger is housed inside the new stock butt.

    How are they shipped, and how long does it take to arrive?
    They are shipped UPS 5-10 days or USPS priority.

    Do you sell other stocks and do you know about a bullpup stock for a shotgun?
    We don't sell any other stocks at this time. We don't know about available bullpup stocks for shotguns or other guns. Muzzelite used to make a bullpup stock for a shotgun, but they don't anymore.

    Will a scope work with these stocks?
    Yes, a scope mount is provided with all models as is a sling for shoulder carrying.

    What kind of magazines/clips will they accommodate?
    The 10/22 stock, for example, will accommodate larger banana clips with some filing to the grip. However, experimentation is required to know about all the different combinations. In general, straight mags seem to work no matter how long they are since they don't curve into the grip.

    Will the MZ-14 fit the Mini 30?

    Will the MZ-14 stock fit the Ranch Rifle?

    Will the MZ-9 (Marlin 9mm) stock fit the 45 acp, and do you plan to make one?
    No, on both counts.

    Do you know of or plan to make any stocks for kalishnakov rifles?
    We do not know of any bullpup stocks for the above rifle, and we don't plan to produce any.

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